Evidence of The Resurrection

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1. Thought-provoking salvation check-up

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1-888-NEEDHIM (1-888-633-3446)

1-866-570-4673 (Hope for the Heart)

1-800-477-2937 (National Prayer Support)

3. Online Bible

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5. Bibles, commentaries and other helps

6. Audio Bible

7. Proofs for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

8. Online Bibles in Many Languages

I hope these resources will help you to come closer to the Lord.

Peter and John at
The Empty Tomb

As soon as Peter and John heard the news that the angels gave to the women, they ran together to the tomb, but John outran Peter and came first to the sepulcher. John stooped down and looked in and saw the linen clothes lying, but he didn't enter the cave.

Simon Peter followed John, but he did go into the sepulcher and he also saw the linen clothes and the napkin that had been covering his head lying separately on the rocky ledge.

Then John went into the tomb also and saw and believed. Neither of them understood at this point that the scripture teaches Jesus must rise again from the dead.